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Importance of Organic Clothing

Today we live in a world where we are all becoming more aware of our environment and our health. Organic clothing is a choice we may want to consider, especially for our children. When they are babies, they are just starting to develop their vital organs and protective systems and are very sensitive to the chemicals found on non-organic clothing. Babies are worthy of 100% organically grown cotton clothing. The organic cotton is made from toxic free material unlike non-organic clothing which could potentially have petrochemicals, flame retardants, heavy metals and maybe some other toxins which could be harmful to a young baby. When my daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy and the cause of her seizures were the non-organic foods she was eating. It got me thinking “Why are we using all these chemicals” when we have organic foods and clothing already out there in the world already.It is all about making a permanent lifestyle change and more we the consumers buy organic, the prices will come down, as I know it is expensive to make this lifestyle change, but just think of the boost it will give to our planet and us. Did you know organic clothing is actually more breathable and will last longer than non-organic clothing, and this is because it is pure and does not have the harmful chemicals present in the cotton. Have you ever wondered “Why is there so many childhood conditions and diseases nowadays”, such as Asthma, Eczema, ADHD, Epilepsy and Aspergers. It does concern me, as their maybe a link to all the chemicals we consume and the clothing we wear. I have known a mother with a young child try organic clothing and their child’s symptoms improved, while it is not a cure, the inflammation and itching improved. On this webpage I will introduce you to many organic and eco friendly clothing companys for all the family. Who are very dedicated to providing you with nothing but the best of organic clothing. Make the right choice today and I hope you enjoy the browse around this page. Please blog me and bookmark this page and if you have any queries or just fancy a chat I will get get back to you as soon as possible. Happy Shopping!

Everything You Need To Live An Organic Lifestyle Is Right Here!


Kyna Boutique

The company was set up for two reasons: Attempting to find organic clothing kids love is very difficult, especially if you want them to be colourful, contemporary & fashionable. The designers featured on the website have all been tried and tested and come highly recommended . So, you can be rest assured that not only do they look great, they are kind to your child’s skin. Having young children is tough, it’s more than a full time job & getting them to try on clothes in the shop is something that all parents dread. In order to help you face your fear of shopping for you children’s clothes, included with every order is not only free UK delivery, but also free returns too. Time is precious as a parent, so you can place an order & have them in a day or two & anything that doesn’t fit or doesn’t look right on your child you can send back using the prepaid returns label. So now that you’ve just saved yourself an afternoon, put the kettle on & have a browse around, you deserve it.Kyna Boutique will do the rest.Kyna Boutique look forward to welcoming you as one of their customers & I hope you love their organic clothes, kids that try them do! Just click on the  image to start your browse.


 Eco, Ethical, and Vegan Fashion, Accessories & Beauty

Ethical fashion, fair trade clothing, designer fashion is the leading fashion site with a focus on eco, ethical, and vegan fashion, accessories and beauty. They started retailing eco labels in 2007, when the upsurge in interest in eco labels was burgeoning, and continues to grow rapidly, and quickly established themselves as one of the leading online boutiques for the best brands and exclusive lines. They hold a strong crossover position between mainstream fashion retailing as a result of their fashion-forward selection, and green and Eco retailing, and they see a lot of mainstream press and support from fashion glossies such as Grazia and Times Style, to the Guardian, Telegraph and Daily Mail. While support in the Eco sector comes from the largest and most influential Eco magazines such as and Fashion Conscience have a great range of organic fashion, which is of the highest quality. They have sourced some truly brilliant clothes and unearthed some amazing new design talent from countries such as, USA, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil and of course across the UK. They strongly believe that while ethical fashion should never be thrownaway, it can be just as brilliantly designed, made and fashion forward as other lines. FASHION-CONSCIENCE.COM  is officially the most stylish way to save the planet and ensure rights for workers. Everyone get saving, click on the image and have the most amazing browse of lifetime!

The Natural Store

The Natural Store - Home to the World's Finest Ethical Brands Welcome to a world of Beautiful Products and Brands, handpicked for your delight and lasting satisfaction. A world where every item has been specially selected because it is ethical in some form, be it – Fair Trade, Local, Natural, Organic, Recycled, Reclaimed, Vegan, Vegetarian or Vintage. Here at the Natural Store you will find a gorgeous Ladies Fashion, Gentlemen’s Clothing and Grooming and Baby and Children’s department. Each and every item at The Natural Store is luxurious and Ethical-embracing design and sustainability, they are beautifully finished and simply delicious. To this end they work with many unique artisans and designers, as well as a selection of high quality well-known brands. The Natural Store provide exceptional customer care service. They ensure detail at every turn, and added value services such as gift wrapping, hampers, ethical wedding gifts and free ezine ‘Kutcha’ which is an online magazine if anyone is interested. I hope you enjoy The Natural Store as much as I did, Just click on the image to start your journey!

Plain Lazy

Plain Lazy is a cheeky, fresh lifestyle brand offering a wide range of unique designs for men, women or kids who are into street, surfing or skating. Lazy Baby is the Plain Lazy mini-me – a label which is a cute, humorous, certified organic and fairtrade baby clothing range. They are mostly known for their high quality, funny slogan t shirts & hoodies, designed and hand screen printed in the UK. The funny slogans and designs on a large range of product means it sells well. Everyone can relate to the slogans or knows someone with that exact relaxed attitude to life.

They are a refreshing, cheeky, small British label bursting with originality and style. With every product the consumer is guaranteed creativity, quality and accurate representation. It is funny yet inoffensive. You can phone them and talk to a real person, they care about their customers and they hope that shows in their service. So just click on the image to have a browse, Happy Shopping!

Adini-Online Womens Fashion


Adini is a classic British boutique brand that is dedicated to making the woman of today feel and look beautiful. Their collections, although quintessentially English, have a hint of Eastern influence, giving them their own unique and distinctive handwriting. Adini was founded in the UK in 1978, and was one of the first domestic fashion companies to incorporate creative foreign designs, themes and manufacturing techniques into its collections, helping to breathe new life into a declining British Fashion Industry. In addition to the fantastic quality and value that is synonymous with the Adini brand, they have a strong focus on environmentally friendly / eco / fair trade / green business ethics. Adini has a fantastic and well respected reputation in the Fashion industry, built up over 30 years, and is regularly featured in Britain’s leading magazine publications such as Grazia, Red, Good Housekeeping, Prima, Country Living, Woman’s Own, Woman’s Weekly, Bella, Country Club UK and many more! Adini is committed to fair trade and the protection of the environment.Whenever you buy clothes from Adini Online you can feel confident that you are not only buying from an extremely ethical company, but you are also buying quality clothes at great value.

I hope you enjoy the items you purchase and your shopping experience. Please feel free to contact me through my social sites at the side bar on this page, any feed back is most welcome.

Yumi Direct Clothing

Welcome to, I particularly love this very stylish and fashionable clothing, as I have a little girl. The clothing is so individual and unique.  Yumi Direct is the home of the Yumi brand, a vintage inspired, trend led range of cute, individual dresses, skirts and knitwear, perfect for the fashion conscious who wants to stand out from the crowd. Uttam Boutique is their luxury womenswear range, focusing on high quality fabrics, trend led design and hand crafted workmanship mixed with ultra flattering shapes. This collection encompasses all elements for today’s modern woman. They have children’s and teen-wear collections. Uttam Kids retains the signature of its mother brand, whilst creating a freshness and playful identity all of its own. Catering for girls from aged 3 to 9 years, the bold designs and bright palette offer a lively collection dedicated to adding colour and creativity. They offer the younger generation the chance to wear Yumi style, the Yumi Girls range offers a contemporary girls-wear collection for all girls aged 5-14yrs. With inspiration coming directly from the main Yumi range, this ‘Mini-Me’ collection of cute a-line tunic dresses reflects the quirky signature of the brand. Yumi Direct is the first stop for Style conscious women and girls of all ages, who want fantastic clothes at fantastic prices. Lastly The Yumi, Mela, Uttam London and Uttam Boutique brands have always been sourced ethically. They are committed to using suppliers who observe all working law practices. Uttam Nepal also supports Team Nepal, ( a charitable and volunteer organisation working in Nepal to improve living and educational standards. I hope the extra information I have supplied has given you a good insight of the company and then you can make a good informed choice if you wish to shop at Yumi Direct. This is a shop not to miss, their clothing is so unusual I think and you certainly will be noticed wearing their unique styles. So put your feet up and enjoy your browse, just click on the image and let me know what you think, feedback is greatly welcomed.



From Babies With Love-Organic Baby Clothes

From Babies With Love is a ground breaking baby brand they sell beautiful organic baby clothes and donate 100% of their profit to orphaned and abandoned children.

They believe every baby should have a fair start in life, no matter where they are born.Their mission is to fund the care of orphaned and abandoned children around the world.

When the founder Cecilia Crossley had her son and watching children’s charities’ adverts and reading articles about the hardship children face all around the world, it took on new depth of meaning.

Becoming a parent drove her to do more than feel sorry for these children.
She asked the question, why aren’t charities selling baby clothes and using the profit to fund their work?She couldn’t find a good answer, so she decided to do it herself.

She had always been interested in the role of social enterprise and corporate social responsibility, and thought to herself, if I can buy a beautiful organic baby product, for great value, with great customer service, plus the profit goes to babies in need (rather than a private owner), why would I buy it anywhere else? The answer is she wouldn’t!

So she set up from babies with love to offer more; beautiful baby clothes plus a heart warming feeling knowing that your purchase is helping other, less fortunate babies, have the fair start in life they deserve.

Cecilia hopes you enjoy your purchases and the wonderful stories about the difference you are making!

To start your browse, just click on the text link above, Happy Shopping!