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Everything You Need To Live An Organic Lifestyle Is Right Here! 

Welcome to my organic food page. This page will feature many links to dedicated websites. Introducing you to many organic and healthy nutritional foods. The benefits of eating organic food are the foundation I believe of good health. Many years ago I too consumed many foods as many consumers do which were full of pesticides, additives, artificial sweeteners, chemical fertilizers and the list goes on, but when my daughter became seriously ill with epilepsy and the cause was non-organic foods I started to investigate the food industry more closely,I became very concerned that these chemicals are allowed to be put in our daily fresh foods and therefore lead a totally organic lifestyle now. So I hope I can improve consumers knowledge about the health benefits of organic produce.So please bookmark this page and visit me often. Happy Shopping!

Evolution Organics


Founded in 2009 by Henry Maitland, Evolution Organics provides an authentic source of high-quality organic health food supplements for people who care about their health.

Their products come from manufacturers who take the greatest care to buy from natural or certified organic sources.

Ethically and environmentally aware, they work to support optimal health and fitness now and in the future.

Evolution Organics company are so passionate and dedicated that every item that is available by them has been tried and tested by one or more of the Evolution Organics team. They make a personal guarantee that every product is something they use or they know is an excellent product. This company has really impressed me and show great dedication.

To Start you browse, just click on the image, Happy Shopping!

Origins of Manuka Honey:

The honey and oil came from the manuka tree or leptospermum scoparium is often referred as New Zealand tea tree and grows commonly in the dryer parts of the country. The name tea tree originates from captain cook. He used its leaves to make himself a nice cup of tea. He thought it had a bitter taste and took a bit of getting used to, but once the leaves are dried they have a much better taste.

Manuka is the name Maori people gave this tree that is commonly used in New Zealand. Manuka trees are 2-5 meters tall, shrub like trees and are a member of the evergreen family. Small prickly leaves sit on very dense branches. Clusters of blooms cover the shrub in white to pink.

Manuka honey is simply honey made by the bees that collect nectar from the Manuka tree flowers and Manuka oil is an extract from the Manuka tree. Hopefully this information was of interest to you. I would highly recommend trying Manuka Honey products as their therapeutic qualities are renown around the world. are based in London, they have recently been awarded two platinum awards in the 2012 best of the natural products awards by UK natural products guru Janey Lee Grace. Please have a look around their shop they have many great products, and they do have organic manuka honey if anyone is interested.

Organic Popcorn

NOW organic popcorn is a great alternative to mass market popcorn. You’ll still get big tender fluffy puffs, whether air or oil popped. It is free from additives and preservatives,this product is grown herbicide, pesticide and fumigant free, and is the most natural popcorn you will find.

It is extremely easy to cook, all I do is heat one table spoon of organic olive oil in a non-stick large deep pan and when oil is piping hot add a couple of handfuls of popcorn, then wait for the magic to happen. My daughter and I always cook our organic popcorn before we go to the cinema, we have proper popcorn bags as well and also it works out cheaper than buying at the cinema.


Raw Food and Superfoods - Elevate your health

This company Raw Living EU have over 25 years of raw food and super-foods experience. It is run by Chris Wood and Kate Magic. Everything on this site comes to you with their personal recommendation; they are simply sharing what they are passionate about. Everyone discovers raw foods for different reasons, some of us may choose them to improve our health, and others it maybe to lose weight. Just removing all the chemicals from your body which are in a lot of processed foods can give you great mental clarity and improve your skin. Besides all the immediate benefits of raw food did you know the diet may theoretically slow down the ageing process, that’s got to worth a try for all us mums and dads. So have a look around the store you will be amazed at all the delicious products you can purchase.

Organic Veg Box Home Delivery

Riverford have award winning seasonal organic veg and also give you lots of recipes to help you enjoy them. They have been around since 1986 and have won numerous awards including The Observer Ethical Awards Best Online Retail 2010 and 2011 and the RSPCA Good Business Awards Winner Independent Retailer(Food) 2011. In addition they also have a full range of meat boxes, dairy, wine, beer and bread. Delivery is free by your local veg-man or lady!

I have myself tried Riverfords organic veg boxes, and I would highly recommend them, they are top quality. The Riverford company are perfect for a busy working family with children. The free cookbook will inspire you with healthy nutritious meals for the whole family, and just think on the money you will be saving on petrol as all products are delivered to your door free of charge. Happy Shopping!

Vintage Organic Food Chest

A luxurious Organic gift. Perfect for any occasion, with the Christmas holidays on the way this hamper would make a delightful gift. Also would be great for birthdays or a corporate gift idea. In this divine hamper includes 18 gourmet organic foods such as Duchy Originals. You can also get a free personal message. These hampers are delivered throughout the UK, all the year round. I would highly recommend this hamper as I buy Duchy Originals products a lot and they are outstanding value and they take great pride in only offering the very best food. Please click on the image to purchase your hamper.

Organic Biona Pizza Bases

These organic Biona Pizza bases are great and taste great too. Biona organic, believe in great tasting, thoughtfully prepared food to complement an ethical lifestyle. Their farmers don’t use pesticides or herbicides on their crops, and they don’t grow genetically modified plants. If you wanted too you could try a single base, Biona Organic Pizza Bases at £2.96 to see if your family would like them. I would recommend then buying the batch as it is more economical and you could also freeze some and keep some for children’s parties or family gatherings or even pack lunches. I hope you enjoy these pizzas bases as much as we did, I had great fun with my daughter making up lots of different toppings for our pizzas  and funny faces. Just click on the picture to purchase your order.

Ethical Superstore

Ethical Superstore offers access to all the major fair trade and green brands including Cafedirect, Traidcraft, People Tree, Green & Blacks, Divine, Ecover, Freeplay, EcoZone, Solio and many more. The full range includes gadgets, gifts, cosmetics, foods, beverages, CDs, books, DVDs plus handmade lifestyle and fashion products.

I myself regularly shop at Ethical superstore, in my experience the quality of their products are exceptional. I have been shopping there for two years now and their online shopping experience is a fast. and a flexible delivery service which provides a simple and secure procedure when paying for your products.

They strongly believe that the breadth and depth of your values as an ethical consumer are personal to you. Their aim is to empower you to make choices that are right for you and your family. So lets work together to each play our part in getting that message across to the rest of the UK society by encouraging families and friends to try ethical products to buy what I believe in. Just click on the image and have a browse.

The Health Bay

The Health Bay is one of the UK’s largest and most successful online retailers of sports supplements, vitamins & minerals, beauty products, health food & drink, & fitness products. They provide over 15,000 products at the lowest guaranteed prices. By buying direct you can save up to 80% off typical High Street Prices and have your order delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in the UK, EU and the rest of the world.

Created in 2009 has grown substantially thanks to their valued and loyal customers. With over 30,000 square feet of warehouse space, they carry all the latest products and ensure that their customers receive their order quickly and on time!

Ordering is quick, safe and easy and they aim to provide a first class service. They also offer FREE DELIVERY when you spend £50 or more. Standard delivery is just £2.95 making them one of the cheapest in the industry!*

This is truly an exceptional company, promoting well-being and protecting the worlds natural resources. You have got to try their delicious and wholesome foods, they are specially created for you and your family. Just click on the image to make your purchases.

Waitrose: Organic


Waitrose is one of the country’s leading food retailers and aims to combine the convenience of a supermarket with the expertise and service of a specialist shop.Waitrose have built their reputation, above all, on the quality and freshness of their food and also offers a Price Commitment to ensure good value for money when shopping.


Over decades of excellent service,Waitrose has built up a renowned reputation for high quality, ethically farmed produce, and I myself regularly shop at waitrose for all my organic food. Waitrose have a wide range of organic products, fruit, veg, meat, bread and baking products and much more. You can be sure by selecting waitrose organic products they not only taste fantastic but have been responsibly sourced.

Also Duchy Original from waitrose, which was originally set up by Prince Charles  in 1990 and named after the Dutch of Cornwall estates, is of superb quality and my daughter and I absolutely love this range of food and waitrose stock a large range of duchy products, you have really got to try them, they are divine. So why not try great quality food while helping to preserve our food heritage and support British Charities. Happy Shopping!

Montezuma’s- Innovative British chocolate

Montezuma’s specialise in bringing together fantastic quality ingredients in an innovative fashion to create delicious and unusual chocolate products. The quality of their ingredients is their priority and this means that many of their products are organic.  All of their products are made by them in West Sussex and they have a strong ethical stance and conduct business under their ‘trading fairly’ policy. This ensures that their suppliers, customers and all those they come into contact with are dealt with properly and fairly along the way. They were launched in 2000 from a tiny shop in Brighton and have since opened another 4 shops, and an online store which has gone from strength to strength.

Montezuma’s remains entirely a family love affair with chocolate. They host kid’s parties, indulgence evenings and cater for weddings. Families you will adore this chocolate it is pure luxury. Great present as well for all the family they provide gift boxes and hand written gift messages for a small fee. Take the plunge today and try some of these luxurious chocolates, made from one of britain’s leading family luxury chocolate makers.
Just click on the image to start your chocolate love affair!

Planet Organic

The UK’s largest fully certified organic supermarket, Planet Organic offer organic food delivery across the UK and Europe. From organic veg boxes, fruit, veg, organic wine, health and beauty they think carefully about everything they sell so you don’t have to.

A one-stop shop full of all the right choices, Planet Organic is a health food haven with organic fruit & vegetables, organic bread from artisan London bakeries, only organic meat and sustainable fish from British waters.  Their over-flowing groceries range is full of gluten-free, dairy-free, raw food and healthy options, while our Health & Bodycare department stocks the best natural beauty brands and a wide range of high quality health supplements.

EAT WELL AND LIVE BETTER, just click on the image to start your browse!


Green & Blacks
Green & Black’s Direct – The online shop for Green & Black’s organic chocolate. Use Green & Black’s Direct for chocolate gifts that will suit every occasion. Select organic chocolate gifts from Green & Black’s Direct range of organic gifts, including Green & Black’s Fairtrade chocolate bar, Maya Gold. The full chocolate gifts range includes luxury chocolate gifts, chocolate bar collections, and seasonal gifts offering you a taste of our distinctive and indulgent organic chocolate range. Or create your own organic chocolate gifts through our Bespoke Chocolate Hamper Service, where you can combine your favourite organic chocolates. All Green & Black’s chocolate gifts are beautifully wrapped and displayed in a stylish gift box and delivered to your door. Use Green & Black’s Direct Chocolate Wedding Favours service, for an inspiring chocolate favour, tailor-made from Green & Black’s organic chocolate bars.For distinctive business gifts choose G&B’s for Business from Green & Black’s. Benefit from multiple deliveries, tailored packaging, trade discounts, unique line  and dedicated account management along with Green & Black’s chocolate themed packaging. Chocolate corporate gifts from Green & Black’s Direct make the perfect business choice and are ideal for group and team sharing.

There are many beautiful chocolates made by the Green&Blacks company, which was founded round about 1994. The name was dreamt up by the founders, green for organic and black for the deep rich dark brown colour of the chocolate. Today they remain true to their original values of ethical trading and organic products. I myself buy this chocolate weekly, my daughter loves this chocolate, it is a must try. Green&Blacks are very passionate about their products, more and more flavours are being created and they are all great in my opinion. Why not give yourself a treat this weekend, please click on the image to purchase your order today!

Everything You Need To Live An Organic Lifestyle Is Right Here!