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Welcome to ORGANICPALACE.CO.UK  Your one-stop-shop for the very best values the Internet has to offer. This website is mainly for families with children featuring many products for babies’, toddlers and older children. I know how exciting it is having our little angels and shopping can be difficult, so why not shop from home on the Internet and I aim to make the whole shopping experience as inspiring and enjoyable as it should be. 

My inspiration for my website has come from having my daughter. At the age of six years old she developed epilepsy. The condition progressed from having one fit a month to three prolonged seizures weekly. I began to notice that most of the seizures were directly after food, and so I did a number of food tests on her and when I chose to feed her completely organic food one week, the result was truly amazing, the seizures instantly stopped.

The news that more and more families are choosing to buy organic food is very promising, as our children are very precious gifts and I believe that we should feed them good wholesome organic foods and reject foods that have vile chemicals in them. Please visit my web-page often, and don’t miss the great values featured on this page. Also on this website I will be introducing you to many nutritional organic foods, luxurious beauty products and Eco and Organic holidays for all. I hope you enjoy your shopping experience online at ORGANICPALACE.CO.UK. I am always updating this site with new and exciting products from the Internets best online shopping sites, so please bookmark this page and visit me often

Natural Collection

Natural Collection is the UK’s leading and award-winning green shop offering a department range of ecologically considered products including organic cotton and fair trade clothing and accessories, gorgeous home-ware and garden-ware.

Each item sold at Natural Collection shop has been carefully researched and selected to promote ecological and sustainable manufacturing practices. They support fair trading products in order to help alleviate poverty and to ultimately give poorer communities dignity in the knowledge that their products are selling within a competitive market place and not because of charitable of sympathetic patronage.

Natural Collections philosophy is that small positive choices by the many can have tremendous impact in our collective ethical evolution.

All I can say to that positive text is Amen, this is truly an exceptionally dedicated company and your currency would be well spent, not just for yourself, but for others who are not as wealthy, who just want to earn an honest living.


LoveLula the Organic Apothecary

lovelula new image for websiteAll organic & natural products at Love Lula the organic apothecary  are free from ingredients such as phthalates, parabens and sls. When you buy an organic product from Lovelula you will also get a complete list of all the ingredients in your products.

LoveLula brings together a hand picked collection of some of the worlds finest and purest natural beauty and organic products, including skin care, bath products, make-up, hair care and baby-care, made by experts equally passionate about natural and organic ingredients. They have chosen products not only for their quality but also their effectiveness and beauty.

So why settle for beauty products made up of a synthetic cocktail of potentially harmful substances. There are simple reasons why we should use organic beauty products, “what you put on your skin eventually ends up in your body”  as the harmful chemicals may be absorbed into the body. Don’t hesitate, click on the LoveLula links and find the products that are perfect for you.


Organic Wine Experts Online

Buy Organic Wines OnlineOrganic Festival Wines for great tasting wines made “the right way” almost all of their wines are organic or Bio-Dynamic, many are suitable for vegetarians. Now! why buy organic wine, well organic wines are produced from certified organically grown grapes. They have to be made in an organically certified winery in accordance to EU organic standards. This means no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides or insecticides are allowed to be present in organic vineyards.

I would also like to enlighten you on all the variety of wines on offer at festival wines, there are low sulphur, vegetarian, and vegan wines, please take a look around their shop, as they explain fully all about their great quality wines

You the consumer more and more are seeking organic products, as we all have become aware of the fewer toxic chemicals in organic products. Organic Festival Wine experts will select delicious wines just for you. They are great value wines from just £6.49 per bottle, reliable delivery and this service is so convenient for all of us with a family. Great plan for holidays coming up, no queuing in supermarket, no petrol wasted, so why not let festival wines do all the hard work and get it delivered straight to your door at a cost of only £6.95 per order.

Organic Vegbox Home Delivery

Riverford have award winning seasonal organic veg and also give you lots of recipes to help you enjoy them. They have been around since 1986 and have won numerous awards including The Observer Ethical Awards Best Online Retail 2010 and 2011 and the RSPCA Good Business Awards Winner Independent Retailer(Food) 2011. In addition they also have a full range of meat boxes, dairy, wine, beer and bread. Delivery is free by your local veg-man or lady!

I have myself tried Riverfords organic veg boxes, and I would highly recommend them, they are top quality. The Riverford company are perfect for a busy working family with children. The free cookbook will inspire you with healthy nutritious meals for the whole family, and just think on the money you will be saving on petrol as all products are delivered to your door free of charge. Happy Shopping!

Green People

Green People were established 14 years ago and their mission is to promote an organic lifestyle and provide high quality, truly organic natural health and home care formulations. Green people are a recognised brand among organic enthusiasts. They are leaders in organic skin care and now offer a brand new organic make up, including blushes, eye shadows and mascara.

As a society we have become more aware about our health and well-being and more of us are trying to avoid chemicals in our diet and now are thinking very carefully about what we are putting on our skin and this can only be and extra advantage to our health.

So why not try green peoples beauty products and avoid harsh chemicals. Customers will get FREE POSTAGE on their first order and with every purchase you will get a free sachet with every order and you can earn green points every time you shop and these points can be used against the purchase of a product. Just click on the links to purchase your products. Happy Shopping!

Organic Popcorn

NOW organic popcorn is a great alternative to mass market popcorn. You’ll still get big tender fluffy puffs, whether air or oil popped. It is free from additives and preservatives, this product  is grown herbicide, pesticide and fumigant free, and is the most natural popcorn you will find.

It is extremely easy to cook, all I do is heat one table spoon of organic olive oil in a non-stick large deep pan and when oil is piping hot add a couple of handfuls of popcorn, then wait for the magic to happen. My daughter and I always cook our organic popcorn before we go to the cinema, we have proper popcorn bags as well and also it works out cheaper than buying at the cinema.